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Back to Self September Discount Massage Package

As vacations and summer camps slowly come to an end, we tend to begin filling up our schedules again, forgetting the time that we all need to take care of ourselves. This September, we want to help you achieve your personal wellness goals by making it easier for you to make time for yourself. Throughout September we are offering a special "Back to Self September" massage package. Stop by the studio or visit our website to purchase this one-time deal that you don't want to miss!

(3) 60 minute massages at 15% off
(3) 90 minute massages at 15% off

Chakra Workshop

There are seven main chakras, starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head. These invisible wheels of energy keep us vibrant and healthy (Chopra).

In this workshop, we will explore each of the 7 chakras through discussion, descriptions, asanas (poses), meditation, and ritual.

September 8th - Root Chakra

September 15th - Sacral Chakra

September 29th - Solar Plexus

October 6th - Heart Chakra

October 13th - Throat Chakra

October 27th - Third Eye and Crown Chakra

Each class is on Sunday’s from 4:30-6:00PM

*Since each class will focus on a different chakra, attendance for all classes is not required as they do not build off of each other. Prior experience is not necessary.*

All 7 classes | $300.00

Each individual class | $50.00


Introduction to Cupping with Jim Earley

Learn hands-on with NCBTMB approved provider.
● The basic techniques of Cupping and how to apply them to your
● The benefits and contraindications of Cupping.
● Learn the different types of Cupping: Static and Sliding.
● Incorporating massage with Cupping.
● Pre/Post event cupping for athletes.
● Post Cupping guidelines.

-Class will be taught from a massage therapist’s perspective.
-Therapists will have the skills to be able to start cupping their
clients right away!
-Each therapist receives a 12 piece cupping set
- 8 Live CE’s for State License Requirement.


November 4, 2019 | 11:00AM - 6:00PM


Reiki 1 - Open to All

Reiki is a profound practice that can bring vast benefits to self and others. At the same, it is an essentially simple practice that anyone can learn. This foundation course is the most important of all levels of training. It’s open to anyone, regardless of experience. Seasoned bodyworkers will benefit, as much as beginners with no background in spiritual development or holistic health.

In Reiki Level I students are led through a step-by-step discovery of the practice, beginning with the concept that we are all capable of moving towards a state of balance and wellness. Primarily facilitated through gentle touch, we practice helping create this space for ourselves and others.

Tuesdays September 24th - December 10th | 11am-2pm

$500 - $150 due at registration, balance 1st day of class.


Pin and Release

In this class, we will cover pin and release techniques for the upper and lower body. This technique works well for your regular clients and for athletes.

Pin and release or better known as Pin and Stretch or
ART (chiropractors), is a movement-based muscle lengthening technique that is highly effective in treating problems with:
● muscle and tendons
● ligaments and fascia

Pinning the muscle with sliding force :
● increases movement of the tissue
● breaks up and removes adhesions

Pin and release technique is highly effective for :
● overused muscles
● repetitive use injuries (especially with athletes)
● scar tissue
By applying focused pressure while the client performs specific motions to lengthen the tissue in these targeted areas, underlying tissue can be released.

Releases can be passive or active where client participation is necessary.

8 live CE’s
Hands-on class and participative.
Come learn Pin and Release!

October 7th & October 8th | 11:00AM-6:00PM | $195


Unravel 30 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Yin Yoga focuses on the deepest tissues of our body and their relationship to the bones along with the deep fascia networks of the body.

“Unravel Yin Yoga” Level 1 is a 30-hour Practicum designed for yoga teachers and dedicated practitioners with at least 2 years of yoga experience (all levels). Prior experience in Yin Yoga is not required but an open mind and desire to learn this beautiful modality is. With an additional 10 hours of guided personal insight, this Practicum is developed to help yoga teachers and yoga enthusiasts understand the benefits of Yin Yoga: Physically, energetically, mentally and emotionally.

Upon completion of the program, students will master the basics of Yin Yoga with an understanding of why this modality is quite unique, and the importance of the "Yin Tapestry" as a guide. This is not a full yin yoga training-however this training gives trainees the ability to lead their own yin yoga class. This course will count toward Yoga Alliance continuing education credits.

Friday, November 8th| 2:00 - 7:00 PM

Saturday, November 9th | 12:00 - 7:00 PM + Yin themed potluck dinner

Sunday, November 10th| 12:00 - 7:30 PM + Public Yin Class

$445 (Early Fee) | $550 (Late Fee - if enrolled after October 8th)


LoveYourBrain Yoga for the Traumatic Brain Injury Community

A FREE 6-week yoga and meditation series for people who have experienced a TBI (including concussion) and their caregivers

- Participate in gentle yoga adapted for the TBI community, learn meditation techniques to promote relaxation, connect with others who have experienced a TBI through group discussion

Our programs start in January, April, July, and October

October series: October 4th - November 8th

Friday’s from 12:30-2:00PM

Instructors: Heather and Charee