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Self Defense Workshop

Week One: The AAAA core to self-defense: Attitude, Awareness, Action, Aftercare; overriding your “freeze” response 

Week Two: Scan a room, identifying threats and finding escape routes; striking tools and vulnerable areas to hit

Week Three: Identifying your personal bubble and how to defend it, dangers of alcohol based parties, getting out of various arm grabs

Week Four:  After-care - who to call and what will happen in the aftermath of a sexual assault, resources to heal physical and mental wounds, ground defense

Week Five: Review all techniques; augment skills with found objects in purse/backpack/pockets  

July 7th, 18th, 25th, August 1st, 8th

6 - 8PM | $195 per student

Check out our blog post written by Anthony on self defense FAQ's

*Attendance at all classes is required as each week's lesson builds off skills and knowledge gained during the previous week*


Summer Solstice Reiki Infused Yoga

Combining Reiki & Yoga gives the body additional energy to release tension, stress & emotions while restoring our natural ability to heal.

Reiki is an energy healing treatment that works holistically on mind, body, and spirit. Transfer of natural healing vibrations are transmitted through the hands of a practitioner to one's body.

June 21st | 6:15 - 7:45 PM | First Day of Summer | $20 per person

Instructor: Charee

- Breathing exercise
- Slow flow through grounded and lengthening yoga poses
- 10 minute guided meditation
 - savasana/resting pose

- Reiki treatment for each student


Screenshot 2018-01-29 22.16.37.png

LoveYourBrain Yoga for the Traumatic Brain Injury Community

Six Week Gentle Yoga and Meditation Series

A FREE 6-week yoga and meditation program for people who have experienced a TBI (including concussion) and their caregivers. People will have the opportunity to:

Practice gentle yoga adapted for the TBI community, Learn meditation techniques to promote relaxation, Connect with others and build lasting relationships through group discussion

Our programs start in January, April, July, and October. Classes are limited to 13 students so reserve your space today.

Upcoming series at Blue Buddha:

July 18th - August 22nd || Wednesdays from 11:30AM-1PM


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