Thanksgiving Day Power Hour   November 22nd | 9:00-10:00 AM

Thanksgiving Day Power Hour

November 22nd | 9:00-10:00 AM

  Unlimited Monthly Yoga Membership   $20 off your first month NOVEMBER ONLY  Join our monthly membership  here

Unlimited Monthly Yoga Membership

$20 off your first month NOVEMBER ONLY

Join our monthly membership here

  Momma + Baby Barre   November 18th | 10:30-11:30 AM

Momma + Baby Barre

November 18th | 10:30-11:30 AM



LoveYourBrain Friendly

mondaY @ 7pM
friday @ 9:30aM

75 MINUTES | Heather | Intermediate - Advanced

This class is great for beginners and intermediate yogis. While warming up the body with a series of sun salutations, we will match our movements with our breath as we flow through poses in a mindful manner. We will explore with strengthening, balance, core, hip openers, and spinal twists as we build our strength and flexibility. Leaving this class, you will feel refreshed, light, and energized.

Aerial Yoga

Tuesday @ 8pM (BEGINS 9/4/18)
Saturday @ 10aM

75 MINUTES | Heather | All levels

These classes are unlike any of our other classes! Aerial Yoga is a style of yoga that uses a soft fabric hammock to help find alignment, release tension, hang around upside down, and have fun! It's safe for anyone including beginners with no yoga experience.For experienced yogis, aerial yoga will add a new area of exploration to complement your existing yoga practice. For those with little to no yoga experience, aerial yoga is a great place to start. Every class includes decompression, supported inversions, core and upper body strengthening, deep relaxation, and fun!

Second Sunday Restore and Reset

LoveYourBrain Friendly

Every second Sunday @ 10:30aM

75 MINUTES | Leah | All levels

Calm the mind and body with Restorative yoga.  Restorative yoga poses require no muscular exertion; each pose is held for several minutes and deeply supported by props – blankets, bolsters, and blocks.  During the class, you will be guided to mindfully and consciously notice thoughts and sensations in your body.  Students leave feeling nourished, well rested and refreshed; with a new cultivated awareness and clarity.  Guided Mindfulness Meditation is also incorporated throughout the class. No yoga or meditation experience is needed and all levels are welcome.


Taiji (Tai Chi)


60 MINUTES | Anthony | All levels

This class is open to practitioners of all skill sets, including no previous training! During these classes, Anthony, who has been teaching martial arts for 11 years, will empower you to remove the mysticism of Taiji. Sign up and see the plethora of health benefits that will come your way. Taiji has shown to be effective in lowering anxiety and depression, improves motor skills, proprioception and balance, and can reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure.

Creative Vinyasa Flow

wednesday @ 9:30 AM

60 MINUTES | Melinda | All levels

A Challenging and dynamic flowing class, moderately paced and creatively sequenced. Build strength, focus, and flexibility as you work toward more advanced poses. Basic through advanced poses are offered as well as options for modifications throughout the practice.



Power Flow

monDAY @ 9:30AM
Friday @ 6pm
Saturday 8:45am

75 MINUTES | Heather | Intermediate - Advanced

This class is set to fast paced music and a fast paced mind. Cleanse your body and soul by moving with breath through sun salutations and as always, stretching and strengthening our muscles. This class is a great compliment to any others type of exercise as well as a mindful practice to enhance meditation.

Super Slow Flow

LoveYourBrain Friendly

Tuesday @ 6:00 pM

60 MINUTES | Jessica | All levels

Jessica's class consists of a sequence of poses practiced in a warm (but not hot) room. The poses are practiced in the same order each class which allows students to focus on proper alignment and breathing. This is a great class for beginners as well as experienced yogis who are making time for self care.

*This class is donation-based every Sunday. All proceeds go directly to the Massage Therapy Foundation.*

Buti Yoga


60 MINUTES | Heather | Intermediate - Advanced

This calorie-scorching workout fuses power yoga with cardio-intensive tribal dance + body sculpting primal movement. Created by Celebrity Trainer Bizzie Gold, Buti Yoga utilizes the Spiral Structure Technique to sculpt + tone the deep abdominal muscles that stabilize and strengthen the body. Instead of linear movements. Shake your hips, embrace your bodies, and get a full body workout. 

Morning Flow

Tuesday + Thursday @ 9:30AM

60 MINUTES | Liz | All levels

Start your day the best way possible. Throughout the class, we'll incorporate breath, movement, and intention while building strength mentally and physically. Enter your day with a fresh mind with this all levels vinyasa class.