DeepFeet Ashiatsu Classes

Barefoot Basics® | 25 CE Credits

Tuition $725 • Deposit $325

A three day course from 9 AM - 6 PM daily. Therapists will learn 1 footed posterior and anterior strokes. Each therapist taking the class must feel comfortable standing on a massage table. Weight of the student is not as important as grace and flexibility while performing Deepfeet Bar Therapy. You will receive 25 credit hours, which you can apply to your NCBTMB certification, AMTA or ABMP renewal. 


Anterior/Side-Lying® | 8 CE Credits

Tuition $225

This course is a single day from 9 AM - 6 PM. The anterior approach to Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy is a wonderful complement to the posterior strokes learned in Barefoot Basics. All strokes are one footed, and the shoulder and neck work is done from a seated position. The side lying portion of the class will teach the therapist to work with the clients in a more clinical application to massage muscles that tend to be more difficult to access from a supine or prone position.



Ashi-Thai© | 16 CE Credits

Tuition $450 • deposit $175

This course is a two day course from 9 AM - 6  PM.  Ashi-Thai is an expression of traditional Thai stretches/exercises that have been modified to use with bars on the ceiling so no heavy lifting occurs. The sessions are performed fully clothed without any oil or cream. The combinations of techniques have been arranged following traditional energy lines and stretches for elongating and relieving tightness in commonly used muscles groups. 



DeepFeet 2 Advanced Ashiatsu© | 16 CE Credits

Tuition $500 • Deposit $200

After you've completed Barefoot Basics, Anterior Side-lying and preferably Ashi-Thai, come back to class and discover how to use your body to its fullest on your bigger clients! Our 2 footed strokes class offers high quality continuing education for the massage therapists wanting effective deep tissue massage training! 



Refresher Courses

Tuition $100

Feeling a little rusty on your Ashiatsu Strokes? A refresher course might be the answer.  Attend a one day refresher to give and receive a barefoot massage, brush up on your skills & meet new Ashi friends. 





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Kate Freese, LMT,Associate Instructor

After taking the class as an LMT in private practice who was looking for "something more", I am happy to report that 5 years later...I have a thriving practice based around Ashiatsu that is booked solid every day with clients. It is a "game changing" modality and it saved my career, not only because of the attention to proper body mechanics but also because it's just fun! I'm super excited that team barefoot needed a location in this region to help facilitate learning this amazing barefoot technique. Our classroom is comfortably nestled in rural Chester County, Pennsylvania. Just a quick car or train ride from Wilmington, Philadelphia and surrounding cities.


Amber Osborn, LMT, Teaching Assistant

Dance was my whole life growing up. So when I was introduced to Ashiastu, I was immediately drawn to the fluidity and elegance of this modality. After taking my first course with Deepfeet in 2013 I knew that I had found my niche ! I was lucky enough to find Ashiatsu early on in my career and it has been the driving force that helped grow my client base, save my body & deliver the deepest and most effective massage possible. I am super excited to now be a part of the team as Kates TA in Chester County, Pennsylvania and I look forward to sharing my love for Ashi with all of our new barefoot therapists !