I started BB in February of 2010 with the desire to create a place for people to go to heal both physically and mentally. A place where there is no judgment, just healing and relaxation. I have to answer the question that I hear a lot... Why Blue Buddha? Well here's the story. When I first started BB I ran it out of my living room. Yep, those massages or yoga classes were occasionally interrupted by a barking dog or beckoning kid. I know there are some of you out there still that were lucky enough to experience that!  It was awesome(ish). The biggest problem I had was that I was prohibited from having a sign by the road and my driveway was nearly invisible. So if I had a sign what would be on it that could be represented without a "sign"? I wanted it to represent peace and healing... like the teachings of the medicine Buddha... the blue one. Blue Buddha, it stuck. 

Obviously running a business out of ones living room is not ideal and thankfully it was pretty short-lived. I noticed a little "for rent" sign on the side of the road one day while I was running errands. I thought that it couldn't hurt to take a peek. I found my self trying to steady my shaking hands as I signed a lease a few days later. I rented one room on the second story of that cute little house on Pottstown Pike. I loved it. In the two years that I was in that cute little house the business had started to grow. One therapist turned into four and one room turned into three. We used the hallway as our waiting room/reception/lunch/closet, it was getting a bit tight. 

Our next home was the schoolhouse, man I loved that place. It was so beautiful and had so much history. This is where I really started to feel like I had the best people ever working with me everyday. Together we scrapped and scrubbed, painted and decorated, then redecorated. The final touch was when we were gifted our blue guy at our grand opening party(Thank you, Tim!). It really felt like home and family to me. Of course, it was not without issues, nothing ever is. No mud, no lotus. The schoolhouse taught me a lot about heating and cooling, copper pipes, roof gables and sweat equity. I truly understand the phrase "a labor of love". It was all worth it, every second. 

As we move into our next great adventure here in Eagleview my heart is full of love and inspiration. Once again joined together for the move but this time we kept our hands clean and just pointed at colors and samples (actually if Tish and Amber weren't there my choices could have been dangerous). This space has allowed us to give our clients not only another beautiful space but has allowed me more time to do great things for our clients like our new scheduling software and website! We are now a family of 16 amazing people! Together we will continue to learn, inspire, teach and grow!