Aromatherapy, What it is and does it work?

Plant based medicine was the only form of healing until the late 19th century.

Ancient healers were the original “Holistic” practitioners. They used ointments, infusions, poultices and oils, made from plants.

Aromatherapy is the use of Essential Oils (E.O.) for therapeutic purposes, they are extracted from certain plants known for their specific properties. There are over 300 E.O.’s currently in use. Most Essential Oils contain one or more therapeutic characteristics, they are, but are not limited to; anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral, mucolytic, bactericidal with many claim mood altering/enhancing benefits.

The olfactory nerve reports to the limbic system. When you inhale Essential Oils, the olfactory nerve senses the oil molecules and carries them to the brain. There is evidence that certain oil molecules stimulate various neurotransmitters. In turn, helping to alter ones mood or state of mind. At the same time, other oil molecules are absorbed into lining of the nasal cavity, then carried throughout the blood stream to help aid the body with their various attributes.

Synthetic oils, though may smell great, they contain no therapeutic nor healing qualities. Be sure to use high quality, pure oils when choosing your personal favorites. 


Leslie Roberts

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